“There’s this real depth of heart in it”: Watch Shawn Mendes watch himself in new documentary trailer

A few days ago, Shawn Mendes released the trailer for his upcoming Netflix documentary Shawn Mendes: In Wonder.  Now, Netflix has posted a video of Shawn actually watching the trailer and commenting on what it shows…including that opening shot of himself half-naked in the shower.

“It’s definitely a weird thing to see yourself in the shower,” laughs the singer. “I knew it was happening, it’s not like I was taking a shower and I didn’t know there was a camera there! But it’s still weird.”

He also explains the scene that shows him with a notebook in which he’s written “My voice is strong and healthy” over and over again.

“My vocal coach actually started telling me to write manifestations in my journal and it just changed my life. It changed my whole world,” he explains. “Because not only are you seeing it written down in paper but you’re feeling it internally every time you write the sentence.”

As for his reaction when he sees himself in the trailer with his girlfriend Camila Cabello, Shawn stops at one particular frame that shows them almost kissing on stage. 

“I looooove that shot,” he gushes.

Unfortunately, Shawn doesn’t react to the final moment in the trailer, when we see him admit that he told Camila that every song he’s written is about her.  He does confirm, however, that the trailer gives fans a glimpse of what they’ll get from the film.

“The trailer is just like a touch of how vulnerable the entire documentary is, but you also still get that feeling that this is not just all about how amazing it is to be a pop star,” Shawn says. “There’s this real kinda depth of heart in it.”

Shawn Mendes: In Wonder airs on Netflix November 23.

By Andrea Dresdale
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