The Kid LAROI says Justin Bieber inspired him to be a better listener

The Kid LAROI says his “Stay” collaborator, Justin Bieber, has inspired him to become a better version of himself.

Speaking to ET Canada, the Australian singer revealed how Justin influenced him. “He’s a really good dude,” LAROI expressed. “He’s someone that whenever I’m having a hard time or something, I can go and speak to and he’s a really great listener and he gives really great advice.”

He continued, “I feel it’s very important to be a great listener. I’m still learning how to do that.” Part of that practice, he says, includes knowing when to apologize to his girlfriend when he’s not being “a good enough listener.” 

LAROI added one only stands to gain when they are truly able to listen to another person, adding, “That’s really important in any relationship, friendship, whatever it is.”

The singer is also working on becoming a better person because he wants to represent his country in the same way Drake represents Canada on a global scale. 

“The biggest thing is just inspiring people,” he expressed. “For me growing up, I think being in Australia it was a really big dream to come to America and be globally doing music on a big level or whatever. So I think for me, that seemed kind of almost impossible. I just want to hopefully inspire other young people and have them think that it’s not as impossible as you think.”

LAROI is currently hard at work on his debut album.

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