The Kid LAROI says being able to help his “superhero” mom is the “best feeling in the world”

The Kid LAROI is on top of the world thanks to his hit collaborative songs with superstars Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber.  But life wasn’t always easy for the Australian teen and his family, which is why he says it means so much to be able to take care of them now.

LAROI’s parents split up when he was young, and his mom moved around a lot with him and his younger brother, living everywhere from inner-city suburbs to a remote town in the Australian Outback.  At times, they lived below the poverty line.  That’s why LAROI says now, it’s “the best feeling in the world” to know that his mom, who supported his decision to become a musician, doesn’t have to struggle anymore.

“I grew up watching my mom…like, no matter our financial position, no matter what she was going through, personally, I always saw her get s**t done and make s**t happen for me,” he tells ABC Audio. “So that was a thing that always inspired me: seeing my mom being able to do anything…I looked at my mom like a f*****g superhero.”

“She would always find a way to make something happen,” LAROI recalls with a laugh, “She would always find a way to put me in schools — whether it was legal or illegal, she would find a way to keep me there!”

“So that was one of the biggest motivations for me, growing up and to seeing my mom do that, after everything she had been put through,” he notes. “And I think that’s what inspired me to do a lot of this s**t, to be able to keep going.” 

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