The Chainsmokers talk new album, Super Bowl predictions: “That’s a very dangerous question”

The Chainsmokers will headline TikTok’s Tailgate Party this Sunday, in addition to several other Super Bowl events. And while the duo, who are based in L.A., are Rams fans, they’re not counting out the Bengals either.

“That’s a very dangerous question,” The ChainsmokersDrew Taggart tells Uproxx when asked for his predictions. “[If I answer], I automatically p**s off 50% of the people there. But they’re both great teams. I think the energy of the Rams being at home and that stadium is going to really play in their favor. I’ve been really impressed watching them.”

“I’ll admit it, I’m not the biggest football fan…but I know I love being a part of it. I love being part of the events and I’ve been really impressed watching [the Rams] and I think they can persevere in the Super Bowl,” he adds.

However, Drew notes, “I think everyone’s really excited for the Bengals and [quarterback] Joe Burrow might be the most popular man in America right now. And so I know everyone’s kind of rooting for that from the underdog side.”

At the Super Bowl where they’ll be performing, Drew and his musical partner Alex Pall will no doubt play their new single “High,” from their upcoming album, which they recorded in Hawaii in late 2021.

“There’s a lot more depth on this album that I can’t wait for our fans to hear,” Drew tells Uproxx. He adds, “I feel like this album is very genreless, and it’s going to be really fun to have everybody hear stuff that still feels like Chainsmokers, but pulls in a lot of other things that we’ve loved over the years.”

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