“That’s unfortunate”: Flying bottle hits Harry Styles in the groin during concert

Harry Styles shook off an “unfortunate” injury during his concert in Chicago. A fan threw a bottle toward the stage, and it hit him square in the groin.

Fan-captured videos of the event are circulating on social media. One video, taken from fan account @glambygab, starts a few seconds before the bottle made contact.  

Harry is seen chatting with the crowd before the stray bottle flies from the pit area and pelts him between the legs. Harry immediately stops talking, lets out a pained “oh” and winces all at once. He then stays doubled over for nearly 10 seconds before he speaks to the crowd again, starting with a frank, “Well. That’s unfortunate.” 

Harry then comically begins kicking his legs one at a time and declares, “Okay. Shake it off.” After a few bounces, he goes back in business and jokingly restarts the concert by talking in a high-pitched voice.

Harry just wrapped his residency at Chicago’s United Center. He is next heading to Inglewood, California for a multi-date residency at the Kia Forum, set to start on October 23.

Harry isn’t the only artist who has to deal with rowdy fans throwing objects onstage. During Lady Gaga‘s Chromatica Ball tour, her team had to issue a warning to fans about the danger of throwing objects onstage.

Gaga was hit by a teddy bear while belting out “Hold My Hand” at a show in Toronto. Her Twitter fan page posted the video and warned fans, “Please DO NOT throw items on stage at The Chromatica Ball. This not only is dangerous to Gaga, but items may also catch on fire in the jets as well and cause damage.”

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