Taylor Swift’s closet is filled with cardigans in new Capital One ad

Taylor Swift is giving fans a peek inside her closet in a new ad for Capital One.

The clip compares the easy choice of banking with Capital One to Taylor making a no-brainer decision about her outfit for the day.

“It’s looking kinda chilly out today,” she says in the ad. “What am I gonna wear?”

When she opens her closet, her clothing options are revealed…and they’re all the same. The closet is filled only with the iconic sweater she wore in the video for her aptly titled song off her folklore album, “cardigan.”

“I think I’ll go with a cardigan,” Taylor says, giving the camera a little wink.

Eagle-eyed fans also caught some other nods to folklore in the ad. In the shot right before Taylor opens the closet, we see shelves on either side filled with knick-knacks. As compiled in a Buzzfeed article, the Easter eggs include a miniature version of the trunk from the “cardigan” video, a lime green dog statue in reference to a lyric in “the great american dynasty,” a peace sign for the song “peace” and more.

Taylor announced a multi-year partnership with Capital One last year. She was initially due to headline Capital One’s JamFest in Atlanta this past April as part of the 2020 NCAA March Madness Music Festival, but the show was scrapped due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Andrea Tuccillo
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