Taylor Swift is “blown away” by Halsey’s new album, urges fans to buy it

Taylor Swift is a superstar, but she’s also a huge music fan who doesn’t hold back from gushing over artists she loves. The latest recipient of her praise? Halsey.

Writing about Halsey’s new album, If I Can’t Have Love I Want Power, Taylor wrote on her socials, “I’m blown away by @halsey’s artistry and commitment to taking risks. Giving us all a brave new era to dive into and explore together. If I can’t have love, I want power is out now- please stream and buy the album!!

Halsey replied, “Thank you T means so so much.”

A fan responded with screenshot of a tweet that Halsey posted in July of 2020, reading, “I would die for Taylor Swift.”

Taylor and Halsey have been friends and mutual fans of each other for a while. In 2019, Halsey joined Taylor onstage at the American Music Awards to perform “Shake It Off,” and gifted her a bouquet of balloons the following month when Taylor turned 30. 

Halsey has also supported Taylor in her feud against her former label, and a few years ago, they told ABC Audio, “Taylor’s one of the greatest songwriters of all time. She had a huge impact on me when I first started writing.”

Additionally, back in 2017, when Taylor put together a Spotify playlist of “Songs Taylor Loves,” she included one of Halsey’s early songs, “Is There Somewhere.”

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