Taylor Swift explains meaning behind TTPD songs in Amazon Musics track-by-track experience

You don’t have to wonder what Taylor Swift‘s new songs are about anymore: She’s telling us, as part of a new feature on Amazon Music.

Taylor’s recorded what’s being described as a “track-by-track experience,” in which she explains the meaning behind a handful of songs. Amazon Music customers can access it in the app, or by saying, “Alexa, I’m a member of The Tortured Poets Department.”

Here are some of her comments:

On “Fortnight”: “A song that exhibits a lot of the common themes that run throughout this album. One of which being fatalism — longing, pining away, lost dreams … there are lots of very dramatic lines about life or death.”

On “Clara Bow“: “I used to sit in record label [offices] trying to get a record deal … And they’d say, ‘You know, you remind us of’ and then they’d name an artist, and then they’d kind of say something disparaging about her: ‘But you’re this, you’re so much better …’ And that’s how we teach women to see themselves, as like, you could be the new replacement for this woman who’s done something great before you.”

On “Florida!!!“: “I’m always watching Dateline. People have these crimes that they commit; where do they immediately skip town and go to? They go to Florida … They try to reinvent themselves, have a new identity … I think when you go through a heartbreak, there’s a part of you that thinks, ‘I want a new name. I want a new life."”

On “Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me“: “I felt bitter about all the things we do to our artists as a society and as a culture … [w]hat do we do to our writers, and our artists, and our creatives? We put them through hell. We watch what they create, then we judge it. We love to watch artists in pain.”


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