Tate McRae says she’d “never even think” about co-writing with pal Olivia Rodrigo

One of Olivia Rodrigo‘s celeb BFFs is Tate McRae, who appears in the video for Olivia’s hit “bad idea, right?” But the Canadian singer says it’s highly unlikely the two would team up to write a song together — at least not intentionally.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the singer says of Olivia, “We would never even think about, like, whipping out a piano or a guitar while we hang out. We always want to talk about just nothing.”

Tate says she’s happy to have found a true friendship in a fellow artist like Olivia, because she says more often than not, people have ulterior motives.

“Finding genuine people who have all the right intentions I think is really rare,” she says. “So when I do find them, I’m like, ‘I love you and I will care for you forever.’ We got each other’s backs and we don’t do weird s***.”

“I think that’s really special and cool and I have quite a few people that I feel like I found in the last couple of years,” she adds.

Meanwhile, Tate says her hit “Greedy” is a good representation of her next era: It’s “a little savage, a little rebellious,” she tells ET.

“[It has a] a very different sound palette,” she said of the new music she plans to release. “I think it’s a lot more pop than anything I’ve ever done. It feels like grungy, heavy, and very hard pop, which is really cool. You can get down and dance to it, but also it feels like it’s more feistier side of my personality coming out instead of more vulnerable side.”


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