Swiftonomics: American University to offer course focusing solely on Taylor Swifts economic impact

Just call it “Swiftonomics.” While there have been numerous college courses based on Taylor Swift‘s songwriting or marketing prowess, a new one at American University in Washington, D.C., will focus on how much money she generates for local economies: an estimated $5 billion.

The university held a competition in which students were invited to design a course; the two who won, Megan Wysocki and Mackenzie Shultz, will get to see their idea put into action this fall. According to the Washingtonian, the course will analyze Taylor’s Eras Tour in terms of job creation, tourism and consumer markets, and study her from a business perspective. 

American University professor and Economics Department chair Kara Reynolds will teach Swiftonomics. She tells the Washingtonian, “I think the faculty get very tied up in what their interests are, and it is not necessarily the same interests as their students. When you look at it from the issues that [students] are excited about, they see the connection between what can be ‘dry-economic theory’ to their own, real experiences.”

Other universities that have offered or will be offering Taylor Swift-based courses include Harvard, University of Florida, UC Berkeley and the University of Tennessee.

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