Strange and disturbing incidents are happening outside of Selena Gomez’s home

Selena Gomez‘s home has been attracting unsavory behavior, with one incident involving a message apparently written in blood and a burning mattress.

TMZ reports that a man was arrested outside her Los Angeles residence on Sunday morning. The suspect is said to have jumped the fence surrounding her home at around 1 a.m. local time because he wanted to “meet” Selena.

The man fled when security called the police, and he was arrested in the neighborhood. Authorities have not identified the intruder nor released the charges he faces.

According to the outlet, this isn’t the only disturbing incident to happen outside Selena’s home. Last month, a man somehow brought a mattress to the “Wolves” singer’s home; Security says he wrote her name in what appeared to be blood and then ignited the mattress.

Police apprehended the suspect, but, again, there is no information regarding the man’s identity. He was charged with trespassing, and his case is still pending.

Selena thankfully wasn’t home during either incident.

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