Stevie Nicks says revival of “Dreams” is blowing her mind

It’s been over 40 years since Fleetwood Mac released “Dreams” but, thanks to TikTok, it’s popularity has remerged — something Stevie Nicks couldn’t be happier about. 

Speaking with CBS Sunday Morning on October 25, Nicks said, “This TikTok thing has kind of blown my mind. I’m happy about it because it seems to have made so many people happy.”

“Dreams” drastically climbed the charts in recent weeks thanks to a viral TikTok featuring the track that shows Idahoan Nathan Apodaca riding on his longboard and drinking a giant bottle of Ocean Spray Cran-Rasberry Juice. 

The song’s newfound popularity has landed the 72-year-old singer-songwriter the number-one spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 Songwriters chart.

“Dreams” also made the Top 10 on Billboard’s Global 200 chart and has become the oldest non-holiday record to reach the Top 10 on Billboard’s Top Streaming Chart, surpassing Michael Jackson‘s “Billie Jean.”

The TikTok-fueled revival comes in perfect timing for Nicks as she’s recently released a new song, “Show Them The Way,” and a film, 24 Karat Gold, which is a set of hits from her solo career and with Fleetwood Mac.

The film’s accompanying album is due out on October 30.

By Danielle Long
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