SMITH explains seemingly violent lyrics in new single, “Run”: “Its more about expectations”

After going viral last year with her song “Lemon,” singer/songwriter and producer SMITH is back on the chart with a new song, “Run.” The song includes violent lyrics like “If I catch you I’ll have blood on my hands,” “Cut you to the bone” and “What if you end up dead and alone,” and urges the listener to “run as fast as you can.” But SMITH says of course the song isn’t really about her wanting to kill someone.

As SMITH tells ABC Audio, “Run” is more about warning someone not to engage with her, because they just might end up being hurt when she can’t live up to their image of her. 

“It’s kind of like those types of metaphors [where], you think you might be interested in this or that kind of relationship, and maybe that person should just stay away from you, to keep themselves safe,” she laughs.

“For me, it’s just more about expectations that are sort of put on relationships,” she says. “For example, I’m a really good friend, but I’m not like a good daily contact person. You know what I mean? I’m not that person. So that may break your heart if that’s what you need as a friend.”

“I think we can all feel at different times that you want to say, ‘Run, I’m not my best self right now’ or ‘I can’t be what you’re going to need and you’re going to hate that at some point,"” she laughs. “So that’s what it represents to me.” 

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