Sheryl Crow taps fellow Class of 2023 Rock Hall inductee for title track of new album

Sheryl Crow has released the title track of her upcoming album Evolution, and it features a guest appearance by someone who was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on the same night she was.

The song, which was inspired by Sheryl’s concerns about artificial intelligence, boasts a guitar solo by Tom Morello of alt-rockers Rage Against the Machine. “To me, Tom’s playing comes from some other planet,” Sheryl says. “It’s a cool bit of kismet that we were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in the same year, and his solo on ‘Evolution’ just ejects you into space.”

As for the song, Sheryl says, “Stephen Hawking worried that A.I. would replace humans. As a mom, I want to leave a better world for my children, a healthier planet – is A.I. going to be a benevolent partner in these goals or not? It’s unsettling, and this song deals with those anxieties.”

In the song, Sheryl discusses the proliferation of A.I.-created songs that sound like famous artists but aren’t: “Turned on the radio and there it was/A song that sounded like something I wrote/The voice and melody were haunting me/So familiar that I thought it was a joke,” she sings.

Here’s the track list for Evolution, due out March 29:

“Alarm Clock”
“Do It Again”
“Love Life”
“You Can’t Change The Weather”
“Don’t Walk Away”
“Broken Record”
“Waiting In The Wings”
“Digging In The Dirt” (Digital Deluxe Only)

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