Sheryl Crow just wants to find a guy who “picks up after himself”

Sheryl Crow has had some pretty high-profile relationships in her life: In addition to being engaged to Lance Armstrong, she was also linked to Eric Clapton and Owen Wilson, among others.  But these days, she’s single and as she tells Vanity Fair, she’s O.K. with staying that way.

“Sometimes I miss it. I would love to love,” she says of being part of a couple. “I’ve had amazing, loving relationships, and I miss being loved. But certainly my life isn’t on hold for that.”

“At a certain age it becomes more about your happiness than having somebody complete you,” says the singer, who’s 58. “Especially when you get to the age where sex isn’t the be-all and end-all. It would be nice to find somebody who makes you laugh and picks up after themselves.”

These days, Sheryl lives on a farm in Nashville with her two sons, who are 10 and 13, but she tells Vanity Fair that trying to raise them the right way is difficult these days.

“My 13-year-old wants social media, and I won’t let him have it, and my 10-year-old wants to play tackle football, and when we get there, I’m going to strongly discourage it because I’m not about concussions,” she says.

“I’ve never posted pictures of my kids on social media…I think it’s gross, it’s narcissistic, and once they’re out there, they’ll always expect to have that notoriety,” she explains. “My 13-year-old…all his friends have Instagram…it’s hard to be the bad guy mom — but I’m older and I see what it does.”

“The one job I have right now is to raise these two people and guard their innocence,” she insists. “I’m not willing to trade that to be their best friend.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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