Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s dog now has his own Instagram account

Last year, like so many of us, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello adopted a puppy to help get them through the pandemic — and now the pooch probably has more Instagram followers than you do.

The cute couple just got the puppy, Tarzan, his own Insta account and even though he only has three posts so far, he already has over 180,000 followers.  Shawn, who posted on his Instagram Story that he’s making “tons of new music,” shared a photo of himself in the studio with Tarzan to introduce the good boy’s new ‘Gram handle, @TarzanDaDog.

“Hey guys so our dog Tarzan is growing up faster than we thought and has made his very own Instagram account!!!” Camila wrote on her page.

The first pic in Tarzan’s feed shows him at his first day at doggy day care where, he says, “I played so much and I am never shy, I love every dog and every person so much.”  Another picture shows the smiling pup posing with a guitar case, with the caption, “Just wrote a song about how much I like to eat toilet paper.”

The third post is a video of Tarzan playing with one of Camila’s dogs, soundtracked to Queen‘s classic hit, “You’re My Best Friend.”

“You are my best friend. You are my best friend even though sometimes I get too excited when I play with you and I bite your face and my parents worry,” reads the caption. “You are my best friend. Maybe I am in love with you, I don’t know, but you are my best friend.”

No doubt even more cuteness will be posted in the coming days.





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