Shake It Off: Can Taylor Swifts music wake people from a coma?

Taylor Swift‘s music can move millions to scream and sob, but can it also heal the sick? One woman in Kansas City, Missouri — home of Taylor’s boyfriend Travis Kelce — thinks so.

As ABC-TV affiliate KMBC reports, the woman, Angela Fisher, went into the hospital for surgery in late January, but there were complications and she spent seven days in a coma. “Everyone tells me that I almost died,” Fisher said.

But after a nurse advised Fisher’s sister Brenda Varner to “make some noises,” Varner and her daughter Amanda decided to start singing — and the song they chose was Taylor’s “Shake It Off.” They sang the song over and over, louder and louder until, Varner said, she spotted “a tear” in Angela’s eye.

“It was like she was just kind of struggling barely, but we could tell that it seemed like she was hearing us,” Verner said. Then Angela blinked, and now she’s awake and has been out of the hospital for two weeks.

Fisher credits the ICU nurse who gave her sister the idea with her recovery.

“When the doctors gave up on me and told my family to tell me goodbye, she worked and worked and worked, and here I am because of her,” Fisher said. 

It’s not clear whether Fisher was a Swiftie before her coma, but as she tells KMBC, “‘Shake It Off’ is really working well for me.”

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