Selena Gomez says she wants “to go into hiding” after her new documentary comes out

Selena Gomez admits she is somewhat dreading the release of her new documentary, Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me.

The tell-all documentary, which will show fans Selena’s emotional and mental journeys over the past six years, arrives this Friday. Ahead of its release, the singer opened up to Vogue about her feelings regarding this brutally honest look at her life.

“I definitely want to go into hiding after this comes out,” she cracked. “I had to separate myself from it and understand what I felt the movie was going to be for other people. So I’m kind of sacrificing myself.”

Despite her reservations, Selena is aware of the good her documentary will do. “I do want to be impactful in some way,” she began. “And if that’s by sharing a part of myself that isn’t necessarily pretty and put together, there are hopefully people that can look at that and think, ‘Oh, maybe I feel this way, or, I didn’t know that you could get this kind of help."”

“It’s very vulnerable. To be honest, it can be a little uncomfortable even watching some of it,” she warned, adding the documentary will also show that time in her life “when my lupus was flaring up.”

Selena also revealed there’s a part in the beginning of the documentary that makes her cry. “I’m talking about my body. I cry thinking about it because I hate that I ever felt that… I’m glad I don’t really have that mentality anymore, but it did break my heart watching that,” she said.

The documentary covers the time period between Selena’s canceled 2016 Revival Tour to her promotion of mental health at the White House with President Joe Biden in May.

Stream Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me this Friday on Apple TV+.

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