Selena Gomez says new album is a “real pop” record about “freedom”

Selena Gomez is planning new music for 2024, and she says all the songs are about “freedom.”

Speaking to Vogue Mexico, Selena says that freedom is the “main theme of the album.”  Freedom from what? “From the constraints I had when I was 20 years old,” she answers.  The theme is expressed in songs that are happy, which Selena admits took her a long time to come up with.

“I didn’t have anything to write about because I’m so used to writing sad girl music,” she explains. “And I love a song like that, but I wasn’t going through something that was breaking me down.”  So she embraced writing songs that weren’t sad, and came up with what she calls “a real pop record.”

“It’s so fun… it’s different to walk into the studio and say ‘Let’s party,” she notes. “When people hear [the new album], whether they like it or not, I hope they say, ‘That sounds really happy."”

No word yet on when the album will be out, but Selena told the publication in a video that she’s planning “really fun, different visuals” for her new music. “It’s gonna be a good year,” she teases.

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