Selena Gomez provides Loneliness Check-In for her mental health platform, Wondermind

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and two things that can impact a person’s mental health are loneliness and isolation. So Selena Gomez sat down with Wondermind, the mental health platform she co-founded, for a Loneliness Check-In.

“I used to hate to be alone. I always had someone around me, but now I cherish my alone time. I find it’s a way for me to recharge,” she says. That being said, she adds, “I love quality time with my family and friends. That is when I feel the most connected. Playing board games, watching movies, cooking. It usually doesn’t matter what we are doing as long as we are together.”

And Selena says it’s very important to check in with friends and family, no matter how busy you are.

“You have to make your friendships a priority. I’ve been working extremely long hours lately and I was at a shoot the other week, I had some down time, so I took the time to catch up with some of my friends,” she says.

“I want to know what’s happening in their lives and not feel disconnected. Even if it’s a text or FaceTime, that goes a long way if you know you aren’t going to be able to see each other in person.”

And despite being a superstar, Selena admits even she gets social anxiety.

“There are times when I am in certain situations and can feel anxious. Sometimes, I know why I feel that way and other times I can’t explain where it is coming from,” she says.

“I am wired to just push through things, but I think also hearing other people in the room are feeling the same way helps make you feel like you aren’t alone.”

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