Selena Gomez is teasing a New York City-related … something

Since last year’s release of “Single Soon,” we haven’t had any new music from Selena Gomez, but that may be changing soon.

An email from Selena’s record company to fans on her mailing list has a picture of a combination lock in the shape of a heart. There are three dials on the lock, and they all display the number 109.

“This doesn’t have 2 be some sort of mathematical equation,” reads the text in the email.

On the bottom, there’s an address in New York City: “Bay Ridge Brooklyn Belt Parkway Overpass, 92nd St. and Shore Road, Brooklyn, NY 11209.”

There is no information about what you might find if you go to that address, and there doesn’t seem to be a date or time, though the heart shape might be pointing to February 14, Valentine’s Day.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and find out.

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