Rosa Linn, charlieonafriday and Benson Boone make Shazam’s Predictions 2023 playlist

Whose songs will you be Shazaming in 2023? The music identification app has released its annual Predictions playlist via Apple Music, featuring 50 artists it predicts are “poised to have a breakthrough year.” But you’re probably already familiar with some of the five artists the app says have “global breakthrough potential” for 2023: Rosa Linncharlieonafriday and Benson Boone

In 2022, Rosa made waves with her song “SNAP,” which she performed on the Eurovision Song Contest as the official entry for her home country of Albania. Shazams for the song peaked in October, months after the competition, thanks to the song going viral on TikTok. It topped Shazam’s charts in Europe and Asia. 

charlieonafriday, born Charlie Finch, currently has a radio hit with “Enough,” which showed up on Shazam charts in 40 countries. He tells Apple Music, “I’ve used Shazam as a fan first for as long as I can remember. It was a really exciting and full-circle moment for me when I realized my fans would be using Shazam to listen to my music in the same way I did, and still do, for my favorite artists.”

Over the past year, Benson Boone’s songs “Ghost Town” and “In the Stars” each got more than 1 million Shazams and entered the Shazam global chart. “Ghost Town” also got radio airplay in the U.S. He tells Apple Music that, “[It] blows my mind to know people are wanting to know what my songs are!”

Another artist on Shazam’s list of potential global stars is drill rapper Ice Spice, whose song “Munch (Feeling You)” peaked at #11 on Shazam’s Hip-hop/Rap chart and went viral on TikTok.

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