RM says reports of BTS hiatus are based on “aggressive keywords taken out of context”

RM is also clearing the air about BTS‘ future after the entertainment company that represents them said they aren’t going on hiatus.

Koreaboo reports RM addressed the confusion on the Korean platform Weverse. He explained reports of their alleged hiatus are based on “aggressive keywords taken out of context.”

Referencing the band’s Tuesday announcement about needing to take a breather, RM admitted, “I fully expected this to happen. I was bracing myself for it, too. But it still left a bitter feeling in my heart.”

“It’s not that I wanted everyone to watch the entire broadcast of us being weepy and whiny before making any comments, though,” the rapper continued. “The broadcast had been a totally honest, almost confession-like, moment that we wanted to share with ARMYs who formed and held on to that indescribable bond with us without asking us for anything in return.”

During their announcement, the group’s individual members expressed they wanted to try new things because they felt stuck creatively after nine years together. They also noted the pressure to always make new music and suggested they were flirting with burnout.

RM said that, despite the group laying out why a break was needed, “We explained throughout the whole broadcast that this is not the end for us — just like the title of the song ‘Yet To Come’ suggests.”

“What I would like to clarify is that we weren’t ‘beating around the bush’ about anything. There is nothing to ‘read between the lines’ in that broadcast,” he continued. RM also reiterated the band has always “been incredibly open” with their fans and has been on this journey “through our teens and 20s.”

BTS will be using this break to focus on their solo ventures. It is unknown how long this hiatus will last.

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