Rick Astley rickrolls TikTok, scores millions of views

Forget about being “rickrolled” — now get ready to be “RickTok Rolled.”

For years, fans have been using Rick Astley‘s video for “Never Gonna Give You Up” to prank each other online, but that’s mostly been on YouTube.  Now, Rick himself is taking his song — and the iconic trench coat he wears in the video — to the latest hot social media platform, TikTok.

In his first video, Rick, wearing the trench coat, is dancing to “Never Gonna Give You Up” with the caption, “Still not giving you up. Welcome to RickTok!”

After scoring more than 11 million views with that video, Rick has now posted another clip that shows him putting on the trench coat, dancing, and then taking it off and throwing it out of the frame.

“Me after watching that last TikTok go nuts,” he wrote. “Time for me to throw the coat over to you, though, so #GetYourCoat and let’s go!” 

The idea is evidently for users to create their own videos where they appear to “catch” Rick’s coat and do their own dances.

So far, fans are loving RickTok, especially those who saw the video on their “For You” TikTok page and clicked on it, not knowing what to expect.

“2020 HAS BEEN SAVED!” wrote one in the comments. 

“I just got rickrolled by Rick Astley. My life is complete,” wrote another.

“I’ve ruined so many people’s lives with this song,” wrote another. “Thank you.”

“It’s the least I can do,” Rick responded.

By Andrea Dresdale
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