Reneé Rapp duets with musical hero Kesha: “The greatest night of my life”

Reneé Rapp brought out one of her musical heroes during her concert in Brooklyn Thursday night: Kesha.

The two sang Kesha’s hit “Your Love Is My Drug,” and Reneé later reflected on the moment in an Instagram post.

She wrote that she first heard Kesha in the back seat of her cousin’s car when she was nine years old and the “Tik Tok” singer quickly became her hero.

“having a woman in music to admire who was so daring and exciting made me feel like I could say what the f*** I wanted to say when I wanted to say it,” Reneé writes. “that meant everything to a 9 year old girl living in the south who would eventually be told countless times that she was too loud, too harsh, a h** and not lady like. she changed the game for me.”

“kesha I love you and last night was the greatest night of my life,” she adds. “I will never get over seeing you for the first time off stage right listening to tummy hurts. you are everything to me. what a f****** honor.”

Kesha responded in the comments, writing, “I’m so proud of you bby. Your voice, style, your YOUness. I wish I caught that moment on camera. it’s in my head forevss.”

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