Rachel Platten shows off her “crazy shiner” from running into a door

Rachel Platten says she received a painful reminder that, just because it’s the new year, there’s no need to rush.  That reminder, she revealed, came in the form of a black eye. 

“No, that’s not eye makeup,” the “Fight Song” singer admitted Tuesday in a photo showing off her swollen and maroon-colored eyelid. “That’s a crazy shiner [I] got yesterday after literally smacking into the side of a door.”

“As if this year wanted to say to me “lolz and just where do you think you’re going so fast?,"” the 39-year-old joked, adding that injury taught a valuable lesson: It’s okay to take things “one at a time.”  

Platten admitted that her initial reaction after the accident was to lash out in anger and blame everything but herself, but then she had an epiphany, “It was just a door. And after all the tears and anger about it, [I] realized. Well, maybe fine. I’m going too fast. Too many goals, too much at once.”

The “Stand by You” singer said she has now slowed down the pace and is trying to be more like her nearly two-year-old daughter, Violet.

“Go at her pace. Rest, recovered, restore and go steadily but slowly towards your dreams,” the Emmy Award winner declared, adding that the incident also reminded her of a saying an old teacher used to say about doing things the right way: “Trickle, stream, river, ocean.”

“So ok, I’ll realize [I] might still not be ready for ocean, [I] get it,” said Platten, who hopes she can stop her fans from making the same painful mistake so early in the new year. “Here’s to us all slowing down, not rushing too fast into this new year, and remembering one thing at a time.”

By Megan Stone
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