Rachel Platten on her “Girls” … the song *and* her daughters

Rachel Platten‘s single “Girls” was inspired by her daughters Violet, 4, and Sophie, 2. She just released a new version with a choir and strings, which she debuted on Good Morning America October 26. Rachel explained why the song needed more than her initial arrangement.

“I released the first version of ‘Girls’ on Mother’s Day, and it’s a very intimate experience. It’s just me and the piano,” she told ABC Audio. “But the song kind of has taken on a life of its own, and it’s been incredible to watch — it’s sort of reminding me of ‘Fight Song."” 

“People are recording these beautiful videos of them with their children or their friends or doing incredible things,” she added. “And … it felt to me like the song was asking for more.”

“Girls” is from Rachel’s new album, due out in 2024. It was a last-minute addition, after she realized she hadn’t written anything for her kids. But, she noted, “I realized as I was writing it that it really wasn’t only for Violet and Sophie … it was for myself. And my inner child. And my mother and sister and all my friends and … all the girls in the world.”

Violet and Sophie like singing “Girls,” but Violet isn’t always thrilled with mommy’s career.

“One time she did say to me … ‘I wish you weren’t a singer,"” Rachel recalled, laughing. “And I was like, ‘I know, Bubba, I know. But I’m really good at it!"”

And Violet and Sophie certainly aren’t going as singers for Halloween.

“I think they all wanted to be Elsa. I think they wanted all of us to be Elsa,” Rachel laughed. “So I think we’re just a family of Elsas … I wish I could do better! My 4-year-old kind of, like, runs the show.”

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