Proud to be a millennial: Taylor Swift celebrates 34th birthday

Taylor Swift outs herself as a proud millennial in an Instagram post marking her 34th birthday and the  concurrent release of her Eras Tour concert film on video on demand.

In her emoji-packed post, Taylor writes, quoting her song “Long Live,” “I had the time of my life fighting dragons with youuuu. Celebrate 34 with me by watching The Eras Tour (Extended Version) including ‘Long Live,’  ‘The Archer’ and ‘Wildest Dreams’ at home!” 

She adds, “PS troll me all you want about my excessive and literal millennial emoji use but A) no one’s prouder to be a millennial and B) it’s my bday and today I am exempt!”

Meanwhile, in honor of her birthday, two different sports betting sites have released odds — for entertainment purposes only — on what else the superstar might accomplish in the future. has compiled odds on a number of different milestones that Taylor might hit. The most likely, according to the site, is her winning a fourth Album of the Year trophy at the Grammys. She’s got a one in four chance of that.  

Taylor’s odds of becoming an EGOT winner — meaning she’d win an Emmy, Oscar and Tony to go with her Grammys — are four to one, or 20%. Her odds of winning a Nobel Prize are 99 to one, while the odds of her becoming president are 199 to one — that’s a .5% chance. 

Meanwhile, has compiled hypothetical odds of Taylor and boyfriend Travis Kelce getting engaged. The site says Travis has the highest chances — 38.5% — chances of popping the question between January and September 2024. Chances that they’ll “never” get engaged are 27%, while chances of Taylor getting a ring this month are just 12.5%.

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