Post Malone explains why he won’t post photos of his baby, reveals what he splurged on for her

Post Malone‘s baby girl turned 1 year old in May, but he has yet to share any photos of her, or even reveal her name — though he did tattoo her initials, DDP, on his forehead. 

Speaking to CR Fashion Book for its Muses issue, Post explains, “I feel like a lot of people feel entitled to know every single detail of everyone’s life and it’s why I don’t want to post any pictures of my baby, because I want her to be able to make that decision whenever she wants to and is ready.”

But Posty is happy to share stories about his daughter, including how much fun he has dressing her in “everything camo.” As he puts it, “It’s so fun and I love seeing how far with her mom I can push it. Like, see if I can get her a tiny little night vision helmet and stuff like that.”

But he’s less enthusiastic about some of the other clothes his daughter wears. 

“Her mom drives me nuts because she buys her Dior clothes and s*** and I’m like, ‘She’s growing out of that in a week!’” he complains. He also wasn’t thrilled about another purchase: “It’s scary because her grandpa got her a little Maybach and she loves it. It’s terrifying because I’m like, ‘You don’t like this car. You want something with better gas mileage, you want something that’s a little cheaper.’”

However, he tells the magazine he did shell out the money to buy his daughter a drum set, even though all she does right now is chew on the sticks.

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