Post Malone drinks beer from a fan’s shoe, signs another fan’s tattoo at New Zealand show

Post Malone‘s November 21 show in Auckland, New Zealand, was full of fan interaction. For one thing, Posty participated in a longstanding Down Under tradition known as a “shoey,” which means chugging beer out of someone’s shoe.

According to Mai FM, during the show a fan threw his sneaker onstage. Posty picked it up, sniffed it and declared it a 4 out of 10. He then poured the beer out of the red cup he was holding into the shoe. “Just go?” he asked the crowd, who cheered as he drank it down.

“I taste hints of oak,” he joked of the beer-and-foot-sweat combination. “A little strawberry, it’s very good. Good shoe. I bump you up to a 6, sir. Thank you.”

Also during the show, a shirtless fan named Daniel, sporting a massive back tattoo of Posty’s face, came onstage; the artist was more than happy to autograph it for him. “Make some … noise for Daniel … tonight, with probably the handsomest tattoo in this building,” Posty announced.

Earlier in the week, the “Circles” singer was spotted in a bar in Auckland singing The Proclaimers‘ “(I’m Gonna Be) 500 Miles” with the band.

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