Pink salutes ‘Trustfall’ one-year anniversary: “It felt like a first record again”

Pink is currently on tour in Australia in support of her most recent album, Trustfall, and she marked the one-year anniversary of its release on Instagram over the weekend.

“The difference with TRUSTFALL is, well #1 I’m in my 40s, but also I took so much time with it,” she wrote alongside a montage of moments around the album’s release. “I’m usually in a rush, trying to meet someone else’s idea of how long an album is supposed to take. We just took our time because the world was on hold. Everything was on hold and there were no plans.”

“They always say it takes your whole life to make your first record and 6 months to make your second, and TRUSTFALL felt like a first record again,” she continued. “I do not think I purposefully reinvent myself. I live a lot of life, and then I tell about all of it. Hopefully it feels like an evolution.”

“Thank you to everyone who has been listening to this album since it came out a year ago!!!” she concluded. “It means the whole world to me that I get to continue doing what I love to do and share my music with you.”

Pink’s Summer Carnival 2024 tour continues February 20 on Australia’s Gold Coast.

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