Pink reveals she’s teaching her 5-year-old son how to skateboard

Pink‘s five-year-old son, Jameson, is learning a brand new skill — skateboarding.  

The Grammy winner shared an adorable video of her holding onto her son and guiding him through a skate park, which she captioned, “Passing the torch.”

In the clip, Pink is seen encouraging Jameson, who is wearing a blue helmet with a stylized mohawk on it, “Keep your balance.” The youngster manages to get enough traction to start skating up a steeper ramp, but on the way down, he accidentally runs into his mother.

“That board bit my ankle so hard,” Pink declared in the caption, along with a sick green face emoji. Fans wouldn’t have been able to tell how much pain the singer was in because Pink never lets go of Jameson in the video. After he tumbles off the board, she gently encourages him, “I got you! It’s totally fine, that’s gonna happen.”

Pink praised her son’s compassion and explained what happened after, “The first thing he said was ‘mama are you ok?"” She closed out the sweet post by declaring, “Skateboarding is so fun!!!”

Pink shares Jameson and 11-year-old daughter, Willow, with husband Carey Hart. Both parents are daredevils — Hart is a motocross pro, and Pink incorporates aerial acrobatics into her concerts — so it was only a matter of time before both shared their love of extreme sports with their children.

So far, they have taken their kids outdoor rock climbing, fishing, dirt biking and BMX racing as well as taught them how to safely shoot firearms for target practice.  

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