Pentatonix says ‘The Greatest Christmas Hits’ is a holiday playlist that lets you live your best life

A new Pentatonix album, The Greatest Christmas Hits, is out October 20. Though the a cappella group released a Christmas best-of in 2019, they say this one is bigger and better.

“We’ve had a couple of albums since then of songs we’re really proud of, and I feel like we have a better understanding of how to curate the best group of songs for people’s soundtrack to their Christmas memories,” group member Scott Hoying tells ABC Audio.

“[T]here’s ‘Hallelujah‘ and ‘Mary Did You Know,‘ all the ones people love,” he says. “But also, it’s basically a new album too … there’s eight new songs that we’re really proud of and we feel are really inspired — and we can’t wait for people to hear it!”

“We’ll definitely release more Christmas music,” he notes. “I feel like this is just a time in our career where we have this catalog that feels like it could be a perfectly complete, greatest hits.”

In the future, group member Kirstin Maldonado says they may take a different approach.

“I feel like [our holiday songs] will start to … get a little bit more creative in the future, just based on song availability or new originals that we do,” she notes.

But for Christmas 2023, Scott says all you need to do is press play on the new album.

“I feel like so many people at Christmastime don’t wanna put so much thought into what they’re gonna listen to,” he says. “They just go to, like, ‘Christmas Classics’ or ‘Christmas Playlist.’ And so we felt like we wanted to curate this perfect thing where you don’t have to think or change the music.”

He adds, “You just put on the Greatest Hits, open presents and live your best life!”

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