Pentatonix member and his husband releasing first picture book, How Lucky Am I?

Here’s a non-Christmas project from a member of Pentatonix: Scott Hoying is coming out with a picture book … about flies.

The book is called How Lucky Am I?, and Scott wrote it with his husband, Mark. It’s told through the eyes of a mayfly, the creatures that have the shortest lifespan on Earth: They live for just 24 hours. The theme of the book, illustrated by Steph Lew, is to practice gratitude for each day you get and for the people who you love. 

Scott and Mark have also co-written an original song, also called “How Lucky Am I?,” performed by Scott, which will come out with the book on May 21.

In their authors’ note, Scott and Mark explain that the book was inspired by a fly that came into their kitchen one day and got trapped in the freezer. They set it free, but then started wondering what a fly’s life is like. They started doing research and found out about the mayfly’s 24-hour lifespan.

“We instantly started imagining what an adventurous, love-filled, action-packed, day-long life of a mayfly could look like,” they write. “We hope our little fly’s journey inspires and reminds readers everywhere that life is a wonderful, magical ride with so much to explore! How lucky are we that we get to experience that?”

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