Olivia Rodrigo reveals her favorite concert ever: “It was incredible”

In preparation for her upcoming GUTS World Tour, Olivia Rodrigo tells People she’s been “trying to go to as many shows as I can” for inspiration. When it comes to her all-time most inspirational concert, Olivia points to a show by an artist who, like her, became a global star as a teen.

“Oh, man. I remember going to see Lorde when I was so young,” Olivia tells People. “She is someone I look up to so much. It was right when [her debut album] Pure Heroine came out, and I got to see her in this small venue. It was incredible. I remember those moments very fondly. She always put on such a great live show. I went and saw the Melodrama Tour too, and it was amazing.”

Pure Heroine came out 10 years ago, which means Olivia saw her when she was 10 years old.

On her first tour, Olivia played a handful of cover songs because she only had one album. Even though she now has two under her belt, she says she’ll continue to play songs by other artists.

“Yeah! Doing covers of people’s songs is so much fun. It just makes each show so special and unique, so I’m definitely planning on doing that,” she tells People. “I haven’t chosen all my covers yet.”

“But it’s so funny, last time, I feel like I had to do a bunch of covers because I [only] had one album to play,” she adds. “It’s going to be so fun to have more music to choose from this time round.”

The GUTS World Tour kicks off February 23 in Palm Springs, California.

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