Olivia Rodrigo parodies viral “Olivia Rodriguez” cookie video as A-Rod apologizes for getting her name wrong too

We’re not sure why the name “Olivia Rodrigo” seems to be so difficult for men to remember, but the “get him back!” singer is taking it in stride.

Olivia has posted a parody of a viral video by a TikTok user named @DreInDallas, in which he reviews the signature Olivia Rodrigo Crumbl Cookie, available in the areas where her GUTS World Tour is stopping. As Dre bites into the cookie, he calls the singer “Olivia Rodriguez, the lil’ Mexican girl that be cryin’,” and ranks the cookie “zero out of 10.”

In her parody video, Olivia — who is Filipina, not Mexican, by the way — lip-syncs to Dre’s review while biting into her own cookie. She captioned the video, “idk i think its rlly good.”

Meanwhile, a guy whose last name really is Rodriguez — baseball legend Alex Rodriguez — has posted a video documenting his trip to Olivia’s concert with his 15-year old daughter. In the video, he continually refers to her by her last name as though it’s her first name.

“All right, I’ve been filming all day, I’ve never been more tired. Now I’m at Rodrigo,” A-Rod says to the camera. Even though Ella corrects him, he says, “Rodrigo! Here we go!” He then captions the concert portion of the video, during which the crowd sings along to “vampire,” “Rodrigo is pretty good TBH.”

The post is captioned, “Props @oliviarodrigo… I won’t mess up your name next time.”

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