*NSYNCs Justin, Joey, Lance and Chris welcome May with the traditional jokes about … you know

It’s May 1, so on Tuesday, April 30, four-fifths of *NSYNC acknowledged what’s now become a time-honored tradition: It’s Gonna Be May Day.

In case you’re unaware, when the group recorded their 2000 #1 hit “It’s Gonna Be Me,” producer Max Martin suggested that Justin Timberlake pronounce “me” as “may” because it sounded better. In 2012, a Tumblr user was the first to make the “It’s Gonna Be May” joke in regard to the calendar and it soon became a popular meme. 

Justin posted a video on Instagram Tuesday that starts with a woman asking, “What’s a word you pronounced incorrectly one time and it still haunts you ’til this day?” Cut to Justin thinking for a second and then saying, “Me.”

Lance Bass, meanwhile, posted a video of himself giving his husband, Michael, a card. When Michael opens it, he reads, “Roses are red, April is gray, but when you wake up tomorrow—” he stops reading and says, in a horrified tone, “Oh no!” Cut to Lance with a bunch of ramen noodles on his head — to mimic Justin’s hairstyle in the 2000s — lip-synching, “It’s gonna be May!”

“POV: your friend mispronounces a word once and now it’s a national holiday,” reads the caption. “Happy #itsgonnabemay Day!”

Joey Fatone posted a video showing himself saying “It’s Gonna Be May” while enjoying activities at Great Wolf Lodge, which is running a May discount special. Chris Kirkpatrick posted a video showing the co-host of his podcast, Name Drop, asking, “When are we gonna be back for Name Drop?” Cue Chris jumping into the frame to sing the line.

It seems JC Chasez sat this year out.

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