No charges will be filed in Britney Spears/Spurs incident: She “hit herself in the face,” says police report

No charges will be filed against the people involved in the Britney Spears Las Vegas incident that took place July 5.

As previously reported, Britney was about to enter a restaurant in Las Vegas when she spotted Victor Wembanyama of the San Antonio Spurs and approached him, she said, and tapped him on the shoulder. She and her manager claim his security backhanded her, causing her glasses to fall off her face. She initially also claimed that nobody apologized to her.

But according to the police report obtained by ABC News, surveillance footage shows that when Britney went to tap Wembanyama on the shoulder, her hand was pushed off by his bodyguard. That caused Britney’s hand to spring back and hit her in the face.

The police report also says that based on statements by several members of Britney’s security team, Wembanyama’s bodyguard came over to Britney and apologized to her, and the incident was perceived to be over.

The police report concludes that because no one “willfully or unlawfully use[d] any force or violence upon Britney, and probable cause did not exist, an arrest was not made and a citation was not given.”

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