Nicky Youre reflects on how “Sunroof” changed his life: “I think I’ve grown a ton”

Nicky Youre was one of the breakout artists of 2022, thanks to “Sunroof,” the viral TikTok hit that became a radio smash — and completely changed his life.

“I mean, it’s changed my life in every way possible,” Nicky says of “Sunroof.” “I’ve been able to quit my job and I can just make music all day, every day, which is something that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. So I think that’s the biggest win.”

Another big win? Nicky’s now much better at performing live, since in just a few months, he went from very small shows to holiday concerts that put him in front of huge audiences.

“I think I’ve grown a ton,” he says of his ability to rock a crowd. “My first show was 300 people in March and we just played 20,000 seat arenas. So that was insane, and to be able to do that was a really cool feeling.”

“I think people don’t understand like how weird it is to perform in front of people,” he explains. “Especially, like, the pauses in between songs where you’ve got to talk — that is what was the hardest part for me. Trying to figure out what I can say, how long I talk for…those things were the challenge. But I feel way better now that I’ve…practiced a lot.”

The California native will no doubt have a merry Christmas, but are there any holiday traditions he’s looking forward to?

“Not really. I mean, we always get together on Christmas…and go to my grandmother’s house…that’s really the only tradition,” he says. “I just make breakfast for everyone. Like eggs, sausage, hash…all that. And then we kind of hang out, and that’s about it!” 

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