New era starts now? Dua Lipa finally shares clip of a new song

After sharing various photos hinting at her new era, Dua Lipa has finally unveiled some actual music.

brief clip on Instagram shows Dua with the key necklace she showed in another tease, along with a snippet of an upbeat song with a prominent bass line, in which she sings, “Tell me all the ways you’ll need me.” The video also displays “4 8 9 9 14 15 21.” The meaning of the numbers is unclear.

In the caption, Dua invites fans to sign up at Her website features the same message it did when she wiped her socials earlier this month: “Click to sign up for,” followed by the flashing words joy, optimism, fun, energy, passion and happiness. When you click on that, those words stop flashing and stop on a random word.

Earlier this month, Barbie: The Album co-writer and co-producer Andrew Wyatt told ABC Audio that Dua’s new music is “trippy,” adding, “I think people are gonna be blown away and surprised by it.”

Dua told The New York Times in August that her next album would be coming in 2024 and that while it’s still pop, it’s less informed by dance music and more by “1970s-era psychedelia.”

Her new music will be the follow-up to her 2020 smash Future Nostalgia.

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