Nessa Barrett talks “i hope ur miserable until ur dead:” “It was nice to be honest with myself”

Singer, songwriter and TikTok star Nessa Barrett has her first radio hit with “i hope ur miserable until ur dead.” She thinks the song’s connecting because it says what a lot of people feel, but are afraid to say out loud.

“I feel like in any situation…when I’m betrayed or a relationship is over or friendship…I feel like I always take the high road and I’m very mature about it,” Nessa tells ABC Audio. “And what kind of defeats that a little bit is the emotions that I actually have built up inside, and I never really let them out.”

“So creating the song was honestly a huge weight off my shoulders,” she admits. “And it was nice to kind of let it all out and be honest with myself for a little bit.”

And fans appreciate that honesty.

“Being able to hear someone say, ‘I hope that they’re actually miserable until they’re dead’ and be like, ‘O.K., this is something that I’ve never actually been able to say before’…I think that’s probably why a lot of people can relate to it,” she explains.

“i hope ur miserable” is on Nessa’s pretty poison EP, along with other tracks — “grave,” “i wanna die,” “scare myself” — that’d make a great Halloween soundtrack.

“Halloween’s my favorite holiday…I just love everything about it,” Nessa laughs. “I feel like my life is like Halloween 24/7, all year round!”

This Halloween, she and her boyfriend Jxdn have a concert, but they still get to dress up.

“I’m pretty sure [we’re] just going to wear cheerleader costumes, which is going to be funny because he’s going to be dressed [in] the same costume as me,” she laughs. “He’s all about, like, matching  completely…he doesn’t even want a guy version…he wants to wear exactly what I’m wearing.” 

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