Natasha Bedingfield gets in on the “Unwritten” TikTok dance craze

Natasha Bedingfield’s “Unwritten” is being rewritten for TikTok.

The 2004 song, which was famously used as the theme song for MTV’s The Hills, is soundtracking the latest dance craze on the app — and even Natasha has gotten in on the action.

In a TikTok duet posted over the weekend, the singer shows herself doing the dance to a remixed version of the song. She shared the video on Instagram, with a caption about what “Unwritten” means to her.

“The essence of Unwritten is about how wonderful, unexpected things can happen at any moment, and these tik tok dances I keep seeing recently couldn’t be more wonderful and unexpected!” Natasha writes.

“It’s a real joy to attempt to keep up (even if I make a fool of myself!),” she adds, shouting out the creators of the dance. “…It looks impressive but really complex. Maybe one of the OG dancers in these amazing videos can teach it to me, or I might need @derekhough to help me learn it!”

“Thanks to all for this beautiful surprise,” Natasha concludes. “It’s all Unwritten.”





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