“My mental space was all over the place:” Trevor Daniel’s new EP ‘That Was Then’ reflects his pandemic experience

“Falling” singer Trevor Daniel recently released the singles “Alone” and “Dadada,” and today, he drops his new EP, That Was Then. He made it during the pandemic, and the songs are so full of, as he puts it, “extreme highs and extreme lows” that he’s a bit worried how fans will react.

“I’m a little wary, definitely, because it’s definitely out of character for me, most of these songs,” he tells ABC Audio. “And I feel like people are quick to make assumptions on the internet sometimes, so…I’m a little nervous, but y’know…we’ll see what happens.”

“It was so weird. It was the weirdest year of my life, and I think pretty much everybody[‘s],” Trevor says of struggling through lockdown. That’s why the EP is a snapshot of what he went through during the time.

“My mental space was all over the place, and I think this project is all over the place,” he laughs. “And yeah, that’s why I called it That Was Then — just because I don’t necessarily feel or think the way that I did right now.”

But though that difficult time is past, Trevor wasn’t sure he wanted his mom to hear the songs he wrote about them.

“Some of the songs, like, I don’t even know why I said the things that I said…like, that’s not how I go about my life…” he explains. “I felt so ‘whatever’ about everything last year that I just did so many things that are pretty out of character for me.”

But his mom simply decided to avoid the songs that she thought might upset her.

“She like, ‘I’m just not going to listen to that one, I’m sorry,"” he reveals. “I’m like, ‘Mom, I get it. I already knew."”





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