Music notes: Selena Gomez, Olivia Rodrigo and more

Selena Gomez is all smiles in new photos shared by her boyfriend, Benny Blanco. Benny posted a couple snaps of Selena to his Instagram Story on Tuesday. In one of the photos, Selena wears her hair down as she smiles shyly at the camera. In the other, Selena hides her face while she shows off her red manicure.

Speaking of Selena, Camila Cabello also posted a photo with her on her Instagram Story on Tuesday. In the post, Camila embraces Selena in a warm hug as they snuggle together on a couch. “realest baddest loveliest @selenagomez,” Camila wrote on the photo.

Olivia Rodrigo recently reacted to a TikTok of two Filipino people singing her song “vampire” while washing dishes. It’s not uncommon to sing while doing chores in the Philippines, and Olivia, who is Filipino-American, had an excited reaction to the video. “omg this makes me smile so big!!!!” Olivia commented. “they sound incredible!!!!!”

2023 may have been the year of Traylor, but in 2024, you might find yourself seeing less of the male half of the power couple. Travis Kelce‘s managers tell The New York Times that after their client unexpectedly ended up hogging more of the spotlight than they’d planned thanks to his romance with Taylor Swift, they’re concerned about “oversaturation.” So in 2024, the managers are going for “curation,” which the Times reports will involve “Fewer deals. Quality over quantity. Authenticity first.”

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