Music notes: Reneé Rapp, Selena Gomez and more

When Reneé Rapp announced she was leaving the Max sitcom The Sex Lives of College Girls in July 2023, many assumed it was so she could focus on her music career. But a new Vanity Fair article suggests her departure is tied to rumors that certain Sex Lives cast members questioned her bisexuality. “The people in my life that I work with now care about me as a person,” Reneé said. “And I think that is a difference from things I’ve experienced in the past.”

Timothée Chalamet denies any bad blood between him, Selena Gomez and his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner. After the internet went aflame with speculation about a 2024 Golden Globes gossip session between Selena, Taylor Swift and Keleigh Teller, Timothée told TMZ everything was fine. When asked if he and Selena were still cool, Timothée replied, “Yeah, of course.”

Speaking of Taylor, Travis Kelce says she is the most famous person in his phone. In a TikTok for the Kansas City Chiefs account, Travis revealed who the two most famous people in his contact list are. “You guys know the easy answer,” Travis teased, hinting at Taylor, before he said, “J.T. Justin Timberlake.” So, would Justin pick up the phone if Travis called? “No. Not a chance,” Travis admitted. “He’s a busy man.”

Dua Lipa may not have won a Golden Globe on Sunday night, but she did have a great time at the ceremony. She posted an Instagram carousel about the event, where she joked about not being able to sit down in her tight dress. “Thank you @goldenglobes for such a beautiful night last night,” Dua wrote, “the only thing missing was a reclining chair.” 

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