More Pearl Jam praise for Taylor Swift: Shes “incredibly prolific,” “respectful” of her audience

In March, Pearl Jam‘s Eddie Vedder praised Taylor Swift for the “galvanizing and powerful” community she’s created for her fans, noting, “It reminded me of punk rock crowds.” In a new interview, Vedder and his Pearl Jam bandmate Jeff Ament are continuing to praise Taylor for the way she puts out music.

While discussing how Taylor creates excitement on the Eras Tour by playing “surprise songs” each night, Vedder told The Bill Simmons Podcast, “She’s an artist who’s respectful of her audience. And I know from my daughter that she’s really kinda incredible at planting these hidden codes that [fans] can pick up. And it activates all those people that are listening and has them involved, and I think it’s done in a very creative way.”

“The other thing that she has working well for her is that she’s incredibly prolific,” the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer continued. “So she’s able to just keep putting out music and putting out music.”

Meanwhile, Ament praised Taylor’s decision to work with Aaron Dessner from The National, as well as Bon Iver. “I think she’s not afraid to change, and change in a way that maybe is kinda anti-pop in some ways … I’ll have to give her huge props for that.”

Ament noted it’s likely only Michael Jackson, The Beatles and Elvis Presley have ever been in the same place she has in terms of popularity and impact, and he wondered how she’s able to deal with it.

“She’s a really good person. I also hear that she handles stress really well, so that’ll come in handy,” Vedder replied.

When asked if Pearl Jam could get Taylor onstage for a duet, Ament joked, “I may be able to get Jason Kelce.”

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