Meghan Trainor plays coy when hinting the name she picked out for her baby boy

Meghan Trainor is excitedly awaiting the arrival of her baby boy and reveals that she and husband Daryl Sabara have already settled on a name.

While she says she is keeping that secret to herself, Trainor dropped some hints about what it could possibly be when chatting with Hollywood Life.

“We picked it before we knew the gender even,” the 26-year-old singer teased. “[It] should be a name that everyone’s more familiar with. I never wanted something really unique and crazy.”

However, the more clues the “Nice to Meet Ya” singer provided, the harder it became to stop herself from spilling the beans.

“I also like names where I don’t know a single person with that name. I don’t want to relate him to anybody else. I want him to be the only name. I’m going to slip it out…. I’m not going to say it,” Trainor hilariously gushed.

So, the Grammy winner switched gears and spoke about the pregnancy itself.

“I was planning it, so I was hoping for it. I was trying to not get my hopes up. Every time you’re taking the test and hoping that you’re pregnant,” reflected Trainor, sharing the emotional response she and Sabara had when they found out that she was expecting. 

“We were so excited and just laughed cried all day long. I told everyone, which I shouldn’t have done, but it was great,” she smiled.

Now, she’s learning all the ins and outs of being an expectant mom-to-be — especially when it comes to pregnancy cravings.

“I just want sweets. Sweets weren’t a thing that was in my life before,” she shared. “It was always like I want a bag of chips at night. But now, it’s like, I want a brownie or I want Oreos.”

By Megan Stone
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