Meghan Trainor celebrates the third anniversary of “No Excuses”

Meghan Trainor took to Instagram to celebrate the third birthday of one of her anthemic singles, writing, “I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since we released No Excuses.”

The song, which tells off a man for not treating her properly, debuted on March 1, 2018.  It was the lead single off her third album, Treat Myself.


At the time of its release, Meghan said the song was based on a “personal experience” she had.

“Mansplaining is very real,” she said. “You feel like you’re fighting for your word, fighting to show them you do know what you’re talking about…I finally reached a point where I needed to write a song about it.”

Three years later, the song continues to resonate with fans because of its no-nonsense lyrics such as “Why you acting like you never met a lady? / I don’t disrespect you, don’t you disrespect me” and “There ain’t no excuses, babe / Your mama raised you better than that.”

Treat Myself, which also featured songs “Let You Be Right” and “Can’t Dance,” was released in 2020 and peaked at number eight on the Billboard 200.

By Megan Stone
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