Mariah Carey says she may release the original version of her lost ’90s alt-rock album

Not long ago, the world learned that Mariah Carey had secretly written and recorded a ’90s alt-rock album called Someone’s Ugly Daughter, which was eventually released in 1995 under the name Chick with her friend Clarissa Dane singing the lead vocals. But now Mariah says she may unleash the original version of the album.

Speaking on Rolling Stone’s Music Now podcast, Mariah revealed that she’d located the version of the album with her vocals on it and might release it. “Yes, I think this unearthed version will become something we should hear,” she teased.

She then added that she’s also working on a “version” of the record with “another artist” — “possibly something built around the album,” is how she described it.

As for why she made the record, Mariah said she created it while she was also making some of her biggest ’90s smashes, like “Always Be My Baby,” “One Sweet Day” and “Fantasy.” She said she was inspired by the grunge sounds of the era, including Courtney Love and Hole, and describes it as “a girls’ Green Day.”

Mariah described making the record as an outlet for her because she “had no freedom during that time.” She wanted to release it after she recorded it and let people “discover” it was her, she said, but the idea was “kinda stomped and squashed,” because of the “fear that some of the lyrical content was not what people were [expecting of me].” 

But that didn’t stop Mariah from enjoying the album.

“I would drive around with my assistant with the top down in upstate New York and we’d be screaming the lyrics to these songs that no one else know. It was my release, and it was just fun.”

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