Mariah Carey gets a whole new verse in Ariana Grande’s “yes, and?” remix

If you team up with Mariah Carey for a remix, you’re not just going to let her sing the same thing as the original song’s lyrics, now, are you?

Ariana Grande‘s remix of her #1 hit “yes, and?” with Mariah is out now. In the second verse of the song, Ariana originally sang, “Now, I’m so done with caring/ What you think, no, I won’t hideUnderneath your own projections/ Or change my most authentic life.”

But in the remix, Mariah takes over for the second verse, singing, “Now, I’m so done with sharing/ This hypocrisy with you/ Baby, you have been rejected/ Go back, no more pretending, bye.”

Mariah sings along with Ariana in the rest of the song or throws in ad-libs in response to what she’s singing, like, “Don’t you comment on my life.” She does join Ariana for one of the racier lines in the song, but doesn’t say the actual word that Ariana sings. Of course, she also throws in some of her famous whistle tones.

When Ariana announced the remix, she wrote to Mariah, “thank you from the bottom of my heart for this dream come true and for sprinkling your brilliance and magic on my little song … it means more to me than i could ever possibly articulate … and I love you eternally!!!”

Mariah replied, “Darling angel, I am so effing excited to be joining you on the yes, and? remix!! This is such a magical moment!!”

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)


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